Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Last Song by Nicholas Spark

Genre: Romance, Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 390
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

A seventeen year old Veronica is angry with her father who divorces her mother and moves out. Three years later, her mother decides that Veronica and her little brother need to spend their summer time with their father. Veronica sulks but has no other choice. But a few turn of events and some revelations changes her life forever.

The story starts with Veronica preparing to return back to her home after spending the summer with her father. She narrates the stay to her mother who's come to pick her up in a flashback.

Review:Veronica's transformation from being a passive aggressive, ignorant teenager to a mature girl was what stood out in the novel. There were many shocking, some pleasant some not so, revelations that kept me turning the pages. The book didn't give away all its secret at once and I admire Nicholas Spark for that.

The relationship between Veronica and her father as it developed was heart-warming to read. The romantic side of story was portrayed in a believable, sweet way with family, friends and petty issues posing as hindrances. I especially liked the way Veronica's love life and family problem collided in a most unexpected way.

Movie Comparison: (Starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth).
I imagined Veronica as a more mature girl than Miley's portrayal of her in the movie. It was a tad bit disappointing, but overall a treat to eyes because of the wonderful picturization. And amazing music.

The best was the song 'When I look at you' which was actually the 'last song' Veronica played for her father in the book.

Random Thoughts:I picked it up because I learnt Nicholas Sparks wrote this book especially keeping Miley Cyrus in mind, a pop star cum actress I adore. And needless to mention, I'm a huge fan of both of them.

Overall: High on emotions, well written with sad, but apt ending.

Ratings: 5/5

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