Sunday, 13 April 2014

Montana Sky by Nora Roberts

Genre: Romance
Language: English
Pages: 352
Publisher: Jove (in 1998, first publisher)

A rich dead father, who has three young daughters— all born to different mothers and each unknown of the other— writes an unusual will. The will states that if they each want one-third of his multi-million dollar fortune, they’ll have to live together for a year on the Montana Ranch.

The book takes us through their journey through that year.

Review:The three sisters have distinct personalities. It’s almost as if by the end of the book, you can tell how each one of them will react in varied, real situation.

Willa is the sister who’s lived on Ranch all her life and knows how to run it. Lily is the timid divorcee who has escaped from an abusive marriage. Tess, the scriptwriter of Hollywood, is the woman on a mission which is to get her fair share and get the hell out.

Forced to live together they slowly but surely, with heaps of clashes, bond together. But just as they think the stay might be good after all, a murderer is set loose who apparently not only likes playing with their mind, but also with innocent lives.

While reading, it wasn’t difficult to guess the culprit. For a dozen times. Each one turning out wrong. And I’m glad I couldn’t figure that killer out until the end. That made it all worth it.
Writing is typically Nora-like, with lots of description of beautiful landscape, meticulous characterization, irresistible love interests and crisp dialogues. I almost felt the presence of the characters around me. I lived with them on the Ranch and saw the action as  it happened.

It was fun to read how they cope with the situations and with each other, how they survive a brutal killer with underlying intentions and how everything typically ends in the Nora style. Happily ever after.

Suitable for: 
Mostly female readers, but no age bar. Like Nora puts it, her books are a bond between generations. Anyone can enjoy them.

Rating: 4.5/5

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